Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Very Special Order

A few weeks ago I got a very special call from my grandma - she wanted to buy a purse and necklace from me! I insisted on making them as a gift, she insisted on being a customer, we still need to reach a compromise.

I got everything for this bag cut and almost ready to assemble during a no-tech night, which made me feel quite productive!

Her only request was that everything be colorful! The bag is similar to the last auction bag except it has an outside pocket for her handicap tag and it closes with a magnetic snap instead of a zipper.

It is SO much fun to make projects with a specific person in mind. I still have to finish the necklace, then I'll get everything in the mail soon, Grandma, I promise!

52 Nights Update - Night 8 showed that my productivity is related to how busy I am at work... I had a long day yesterday, and ended up taking a nap after work! I never do that!! But I redeemed myself by helping on the floor project, making dinner, and editing photos from a fun "session" I had on Sunday. I don't count using the computer for "to do" items like that as breaking the rules, since my intent is to get more done. So, overall, yay!

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