Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The house is still a total disaster because we've moved on to the floors in our main living area, but luckily we have some progress to show for it. Our dining room is done! It only took two months...

It's hard when we only have time to really dedicate on Sundays, and not even every Sunday...

When I look at this room, I dream up plans for the walls, the windows, recovering that couch... Someday, when we finally finish all the other floors! Luckily they should go faster since we learned so much doing the dining room.

Relay for Life Drawing - I can't believe I forgot to pick a winner of the RFL drawing! I am so excited to announce that my cousin Megan won. I can't wait to make a bag for you! And thank you for supporting the American Cancer Society.

52 Nights Update - Night 9 has come and gone! I followed what is becoming my routine - got a little exercise (mowed the lawn), worked on a project, made dinner, did some chores... Of course, I was especially motivated to sew, since my sewing machine is away for a tuneup! The novelty of getting so much done on a work night hasn't worn off! In fact, even on non-Mondays, I'm getting more done, often not getting on the computer or checking Tivo until just before bed, for a much shorter amount of time. After only nine weeks! I'm excited to see how my habits will change after the full 52.

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