Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Night 1 - and Purse 2!

Last night was my first "unplugged" night and it was fantastic. P and I worked on the floors, then I made some dinner, and spent the rest of the evening taking care of things that have been on my list for ages. The coolest side effect was that P got into it, too, and I hadn't even told him what I was doing. Since I was being productive, he decided to give the dog a haircut and take care of a couple other things. I consider Night 1 a success!

I also wanted to share auction purse #2. I changed up the design a little bit and am so pleased:

The pleats are slightly different and the overall bag feels softer. I continued the same color fabric over to the inside, too, and I think this makes it look more finished.

The patch pocket might be my favorite yet! I always have trouble attaching them well, and this came out very neat. I also did a lot of top-stitching, which helps the overall look, I think.

And of course I have a pile of fabrics waiting to be more bags... It's fun to be back into bags, but the grass is always greener and I'm getting the quilt bug again!

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