Friday, January 19, 2007


My family is really close, always has been. Currently, we all even live in the same city. My sister, husband, and I all work for the same company. We see each other weekly, if not more often. In fact, see how well my sister knows me?

Christmas from my Sister

This is what she gave me for Christmas: a subscription to JPG, owl fabric from Superbuzzy, and the totally great Sew U book, along with an awesome tshirt from Threadless I sent her a link to ages ago. Perfect, right?

I guess what I'm getting to is that I'm so lucky to have a family like this. We found out last week that my dad is pretty sick, and it's just brought all that into perspective. It's really too bad that it takes scary news to make me realize life is short, that I should really live each day to the fullest and appreciate what I have in my life.

I don't normally go into personal stuff like this here, but it's such a big thing in my life right now that it felt weird to just ignore it. Maybe I should start doing gratitude Friday like Beki, to help me remember everything I have to be grateful for. I'll start today. Today I am grateful for my family, my wonderful father who has had such a big part in who I am, and for all the amazing people in our lives that have been coming out of the woodwork to support us through this. I am one lucky girl!