Friday, December 01, 2006

WIP Friday

As I sat last night catching up on shows from during our vacation that my Tivo had lovingly saved for us (I told you I was a TV junkie!), I was able to finish up the stitching for a few different Christmas projects. The rows of neatly stitched shapes was very pleasing to my Type-A side. These will eventually become my annual card set I send along with goodies to out-of-town family. It was fun this year coming up with a different idea from what I've done before! Stay tuned for the finished product, hopefully next week.

The beaded snowflakes are for the postcard swap. Yes, that is still a WIP, despite the deadline of Dec. 1. I am pretty sure I will be able to get them finished up and to the post office tomorrow - there is only one step left to finish them. I also have to package up my ornaments for the ornament swap to get them in the mail. Shame on me! Many of those are international, and I will feel quite bad if they're late... Hopefully one day will not ruin me!!

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