Friday, November 10, 2006

100 Things

I've always loved reading the "100 Things" lists people post, but I've never done one myself. I have hesitated in the past to make one of my own. Partly (well, mostly) because the things people list on theirs are so interesting, and I can't think of similarly interesting things for my list. Kind of like how I get stuck on the "something unique" part of the personal introductions at many training classes I go to. But the truth is, that's me! Pretty normal! So hopefully you'll still like reading my list...

1. I have a white streak in my hair.
2. That's usually the "something unique" I say at introductions.
3. I can seem very outgoing.
4. Really I feel quite shy.
5. I married my high school sweetheart.
6. We met when I was 16.
7. But we went to different colleges.
8. We got married on the 6th anniversary of our first date.
9. I have a degree in mechanical engineering.
10. I haven't done much mechanical engineering since I graduated.
11. I dream of not having to do any engineering.
12. We have a dog (Westie).
13. And two cats (brother and sister).
14. And a gerbil.
15. We had two gerbils.
16. One disappeared out of the cage. Thanks to #13, probably.
17. No kids.
18. Yet.
19. I have lived in the same city for 16 years.
20. In 7 different residences.
21. I watch Star Trek.
22. And play video games.
23. We have three computers.
24. I can be a know-it-all.
25. And bad about interrupting.
26. But I'm getting better!
27. I cry easily.
28. Even commercials have made me cry.
29. Grey's Anatomy last night made me cry.
30. I watch a lot of TV.
31. Especially reality TV.
32. I love my Tivo.
33. I love to travel.
34. But I have only been out of the country once.
35. Nine years ago.
26. I'm going out of the country in a week!!
27. To Belize!
28. With my whole family.
29. I have one sister.
30. We work for the same company.
31. So does my husband.
32. So did my dad.
33. My parents live 2 miles from me.
34. My in-laws live 7 miles from me.
35. I love living close to my family.
36. I love to try new things.
37. I don't usually stick with it very long before I try the next thing.
38. I love watching football.
39. I didn't use to love football.
40. I played flag football in college.
41. I play soccer.
42. And run.
43. I ran a half marathon in 2005.
44. I'm running another one in January.
45. I think I want to run a marathon in June.
46. Mostly because of where it is.
47. In Alaska.
48. I am telling everyone that, and I'll feel silly if it doesn't happen.
49. But I can't keep things quiet when I'm excited.
50. That makes it hard around Christmas.

I can't believe I made it to 50. Did anyone read the whole list? Am I the only one that likes reading these? I think I'll save the other 50 for another day, that wore me out!