Monday, November 13, 2006

Glamorous Jewelry

Wow, not even halfway through the month and I missed two whole days posting. So much for NaBloPoMo. If it makes any difference (which I know it doesn't) I have a good excuse! We were out of town Saturday and got in a lot later than I thought, and yesterday evening when I had planned to get some posts ready, I had a relapse of my cold and had a fever of 101. A true blogger would have posted anyway, I know. And to top it all of, when I went to get the pictures off my camera of what I did do yesterday, our computer crashed! It's all backed up, and Peter's going to work on it tonight, but I don't even have pictures to share.

I did want to tell you about a book I got... It was a birthday present to myself, shame on me, but I love it so much!

I made a pair of earrings inspired by it this weekend, and it's something I probably wouldn't have tried on my own. If you're interested in trying some easy beading that produces jewelry that looks anything but easy, I highly recommend this book!

I was planning to do a little more jewelry-making tonight, but I went into my craft room this morning to find my sweet kitty had knocked my carefully organized box of jump rings/head pins/other tiny things off the desk and they're scattered all over the carpet. So I guess that's what I'm doing tonight instead!