Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hi there! I'm back!! Yeah, so I didn't tell you I was going to be gone... Sorry about that. I had already missed a couple weekend posts so NaBloPoMo was screwed up anyway, and then I was SO sick before my vacation that I couldn't even say goodbye... Sorry!!

Can I make it up to you by showing you a few pictures from my vacation? It was so beautiful in Belize...

There were waterfalls:

And we learned how coffee grows:

We went to Tikal, in Guatamala, absolutely amazing Mayan ruins:

And, maybe my favorite part of the whole trip, we got to swim with sharks and stingrays!!

Thanks to Peter for modeling.

We got back Sunday afternoon, and Monday and Tuesday we had company staying at our house! I think that's the fastest I've unpacked and done laundry. Monday night our visiting friends asked us to have a get-together for our mutual local friends so they could catch up. It was a ton of fun, and I didn't even stress about it at all, despite having no time to get ready. And the amazing thing is, after that, plus three days back at work with a big deadline, I am still quite relaxed and happy. That is the sign of a great vacation!!