Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vintage vs. New

I made these earrings with vintage glass beads and sterling silver because I needed a pair of red earrings. I really love them, even though they're quite simple. All the silver findings are new, and I'm not sure how old the beads are - "vintage" can mean quite a few different things.

I really love vintage glass beads. But I also love new gems and crystals, and new glass beads. I like the idea of scavenging thrift stores and garage sales for that special find, but more often I settle back to the ease of online shopping. The concept of reusing, and reinventing discarded objects, really appeals to me, but again, I am often an easiest-path person, and it is so much easier to just buy new things that are exactly what I need. I'm going to try to be better about only buying new the supplies that have to be new - earring hooks, etc - and using what I have in my stash or what I find that can be refashioned. Sort of a "use what I have" mindset. We'll see how that goes!