Thursday, July 20, 2006

So Ready

The week didn't crawl by like I expected. In fact, I am at work with a million things to do, and a long to do list for tonight, including packing. At least the laundry is done. We leave at 5:30am tomorrow.

This is where we are staying for the second part of our trip. Two years ago we chaperoned a church trip, taking six 15-year-olds on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Our pastor (and close friend) who we are visiting next week has this family cabin where we stayed the night before entering the lakes.

We have no plans on this trip other than switching from the Wisconsin lake house to the Minnesota lake house, and that is so wonderful to me. There will be so much to do both places, and we are just going to see what we feel like each day. I can't wait. I will be back August 1st invigorated and relaxed and ready to get start on some of the exciting ideas in my head. See you then!