Monday, July 17, 2006

Start the Countdown!

We leave for vacation on Friday. I am so excited. We'll be up on Eagle Lake in Wisconsin, and then on the north-west shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I plan to come back tan and completely relaxed.

Before I leave, though, I have a few things to get done! I got the crocheted baby blanket done for my friend from church...

I'm very happy with the stitch pattern - since I'm new to crochet, it didn't get boring for me, though it was easy to memorize so I didn't have to keep checking the pattern.

It turns out her shower is Saturday, our first full day up in Wisconsin, so I'll be missing it. I will have to deliver the gift to the shower hostess one night this week.

I also have to get the wedding album I didn't finish in time for the actual wedding last weekend finished and in the mail before we leave. All I have left is an insert for the cover, so it should be no problem. Then it's time to pack and hopefully, before I know it, I'll be relaxing on the lake!!