Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Things are finally starting to feel back to normal. The house is picked up, the suitcases are in the attic... It only took a week and a half!

I just had to share the crafting I did on vacation - I couldn't last over a week without doing something. My aunt-in-law (hee) taught my mother-in-law and I how to make adorable boxes to recycle greeting cards. I mentioned posting a tutorial on my website while we were practicing, and my aunt was horrified since she thinks it wouldn't be as special if everyone could do it, so just pictures for now. Chances are you'll get one if you ever do a swap or something with me, and I bet you're all clever enough to figure it out!

Here are the ones I made on vacation:

These were all out of Christmas cards. When I got home I had to make sure I still remembered how to make them, so I dug through the cards I've gotten this year and made a few more:

I wanted to give one to my sister and one to my mom as a souvenir "look what I learned" present, but I can't be giving away empty boxes, so I made...

These for my mom:

And these for my sister:

(I realized too late that the picture is wonky - they've already been gifted!)

I have since made even more boxes - I pulled a huge box of saved mail down from the attic and picked out so many good cards... But how many pictures of little tiny boxes can you stand?? I'll spare you the rest!

Believe it or not, I think I'll have another post before the end of the week... But don't hold your breath!!