Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Button Mail

My buttons from the button swap arrived!

Swap Buttons

They are absolutely precious.

I realized guiltily as I opened the package that I sent mine off with no way to know they were from me. Oops. No cute tag or backing, like these. How clever.

Not sure what to do with them now to be able to maximize admiration of them. Maybe pushpins or magnets, so they don't get tied to a single finished project.

Love them all!

52 Nights Update - (Night 15) I am still anxiously awaiting the return of my mojo. I think I see it lurking on the horizon, but still no crafting lately. Last night was an easy no tech night, though. It was girls' night with my mom and visiting cousin. We did watch a movie, which might seem to break the no-tech rules, but since it was social, girl time, I say it doesn't count!

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