Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Like Candy

Despite a plan to avoid stash enhancing, I have been having trouble resisting all the vintage glass beads I keep finding on etsy.

They are just so pretty and colorful. I get mesmerized and just keep clicking "add to cart."

I have a few upcoming projects that will be a lot easier with a well-rounded bead stash, but that's a pretty poor excuse. I know I would buy them anyway.

Luckily these aren't all new, I have a teeny bit of self control.

Since a lot of these will get used in the near future, I can't make myself feel too guilty!

52 Nights Update: Night 12 I switched it up a little - after work I headed to a friend's house to take pics of her sweet 9-week-old daughter. Izabelle was pretty grumpy, so we're going to try again one morning since she's usually happier! Then home to work on some projects and make dinner. I had a few nights last week with an open schedule that I could have worked on projects and instead got sucked into the Tivo backlog, so it felt good to get back on track!

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