Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fab Burpies

I really love these fabric-ended burprags, so I took some pics last time I made them in case anyone else wants to try.

I like this method because it's really quick and doesn't use a ton of material or Heat-n-Bond while still looking really nice. I usually make 6 or more at a time since it's easy to stack up the fabric when cutting!

You Will Need:
- tri-fold cloth diapers
    (I use the Gerber brand from Target which are 14" wide)
- 11" x 14" piece of decorative fabric per diaper
    (Adjust the 14" dimension to match the width of your diaper)
- 4 pieces of Heat-n-Bond approx. 1 1/2" x 5" per diaper
    (another type of double sided fusible interfacing would work too)

1. Iron diaper and decorative fabric to remove wrinkles.

2. Press in ~1/2" on both 14" edges and then press to form a crease down the center of the 14" length.

3. Following the Heat-n-Bond directions, use two small pieces and press the rough side to each short edge of the decorative fabric.

4. Remove the paper backing from the Heat-n-Bond and position the fabric across the bottom of the diaper as shown. Your Heat-n-Bond pieces should be facing the diaper. Press to attach.

5. Flip the diaper over and apply the remaining Heat-n-Bond pieces to the exposed wrong side of the decorative fabric.

6. Being sure to match the folded edges, fold the decorative fabric up to wrap the end of the diaper and press to attach.

7. Starting at one corner, zig zag stitch the three loose sides of the decorative fabric. Since you lined up the folded edges in step 6, the zig zag stitch should catch the decorative fabric on both sides of the diaper.

8. Step back and admire your handiwork!

Since these rags are often tossed over the shoulder for holding and burping, having the pretty fabric at the bottom looks really nice!

These wash up really well and seem to be holding their own after frequent use. I hope this made sense and you enjoy!

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