Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nothing to Show

I got totally caught up in the laziness of the three day weekend, and didn't do any crafting yesterday. I putzed around the house, made coffee cake, took care of some long-needed organization projects... but nothing in my craft room despite several due-soon projects!

The package with my king-size batting showed up so I'll soon be madly basting and quilting the master quilt - a couple other projects are going to get priority, so I might miss my Saturday deadline, but not by much.

I'm back on track, I just don't have much to share just yet! Since I hate a post with no pictures, here's another sweet baby!


Sweet Abigail

52 Nights Update - Night 13 was a miserable failure. I did quite well avoiding technology during the day, but in the evening we decided to see what all the Lost fuss is about and got sucked into Season 1. I'll have better self discipline next week, I hope!

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