Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Undertaking

When I started my master quilt, I did so knowing it was going to be a challenge. I'd never made a king-size quilt before, never used the true quilt sandwich method, never had to baste anything so large.

Drawing lines for quilting with a little help from Hitch.

Luckily I have an awesome mother-in-law who is always excited to help.

Our innovative smooth and pin work positions.

She borrowed a million safety pins and a cool pin-closing tool from a quilter friend and came over today to help me work.

Nifty safety pin closer thingy to save our fingers.

She's teaching me the tricks she's learned - start in the middle, don't baste the whole quilt at once so you can resmooth after doing a section of the quilting, roll tightly so it fits in your machine... I'd be struggling so much more without her help!

It is still a huge project, but just working with someone else makes it so much better!

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