Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Grandma

My sister was able to deliver my grandma's purse and necklace to her over the weekend, and was thoughtful enough to capture this for me:

If people ever ask me why I enjoy crafting, I want to be able to show them this picture!

52 Nights Update - Are you sick of these yet? Night 10 I ran a ton of errands, worked on my quilt, and made dinner. I did cheat - I played a few games of the new MarioKart for Wii. My first slip in 10 weeks, not bad! And I still got so much done, which wouldn't have happened before with something like MarioKart to distract me. I look forward to Mondays, and I am treating more nights like no tech nights. I think this weekend I might make Sunday a no tech day - a whole day! On Mondays I don't count time at work since I need the computer. I'm not sure I can handle a whole day...

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