Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Not Actually Here...

Hi there! Well, it looks like I participated in the opposite of NaBloPoMo, we'll call it NaNOBloPoMo. Sorry about that! I don't really have an excuse... We stay pretty busy in the base case, then we added a lot of extra running, playing volleyball after work two nights a week, and visiting our new nephew. Something had to go, and as much as I love posting here, my blog drew the short stick.

Oh, and for full disclosure, this had a small impact on my free time --

It is addicting. Just... one... more... star!

Then we went away for Thanksgiving and now it's December! Yikes!

So, I'll probably be away for the rest of the year, too, since I've got very ambitious handmade gift goals that I haven't even started, but I will be back with lots of finished things and energy and pictures in the New Year!

So Merry Christmas, everyone, and see you in 2008!