Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV Busy Work

Life has been quite busy these days. All the normal goings-on, plus I'm training which seems to take up so much time. So often, when I get a free evening, I am not motivated enough to move into my craft room and work on my ever-growing to do list. It is much nicer to crash on the couch and pick up a little hand-stitching.

This is a little kit I picked up in Cambridge for a little crafting while in the UK. I got the westie bookmark a few days later and ended up working on that instead, so this has become my TV project. It's small, only 4x6", so after a little starch I don't even need a hoop. I have an obsession with also keeping the back neat, maybe because my grandmother always commented on it when she taught me cross stitch when I was little.

I've been wanting to branch out into other types of needlepoint, so I picked up another small kick to try new stitches. This was just too cute to pass up.

(I also used my birthday last week as an excuse to buy more fabric I've wanted for ages. Pictures when it arrives in the mail...)