Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last night I was back from my run, doing some laundry. Peter had worked late, and when he got home, he stuck his head in the door and said I'd better come outside. In his arms was an adorable black kitten. This kitten was up under the car and had apparently been up there the whole 40 minute commute home. He was miraculously unharmed, and judging by the (literally) nonstop purring, very grateful to be rescued.

He is incredibly friendly, starving for affection, and quite playful. Which means if we don't find a good home for him soon, we will have three cats. I really don't want three cats... I call him Boo (black, Halloween, get it?) and Peter calls him Hitch (for hitchhiker).

Although it is fun to have a sweet kitty in the house, caring for him, keeping him separated from our other animals who are not so thrilled he's here, and finding him a home, are just more things going on at a time when I'm struggling to handle what was already on my plate. So if I'm a little quiet for a while still, that's my excuse. I promise I will be back, I have a million ideas brewing and sharing them here is always something I look forward to. Back soon!