Monday, October 01, 2007

So Many Babies!

It seems like every weekend these days I have another baby shower to go to or a new baby to visit. Last weekend it was a second shower for my sister, and though she protested, I insisted on bringing another gift. I have to start early spoiling my new niece/nephew, after all!

I started out keeping it pretty simple - some useful things from her registry, etc. But then I saw this adorable Halloween hat/onesie at Target and couldn't resist:

Then I decided to embellish a couple onesies with leftover fabric from the baby quilt.

Finally, I decided to try out a tag blankie, since I've heard so often how much babies love them. And of course it had to match the blankie.

So I maybe ended up going a little overboard. But it's fun to have a chance to try all these baby gift ideas I've been saving! Pictures from yet another baby shower coming soon...

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