Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bare Walls

I have a big problem finding things I like to hang on the walls in my house. I finally got fed up with the bare walls and picked out some photos to put up. First I moved this sampler above the piano:

My mom made this many years ago and I love it! Also on the piano is a wedding sampler from a close friend, and the little clay house I made my grandma when I was in preschool - the roof comes off and there's a little couch and chair inside. Where the sampler used to hang I put up an arrangement of travel pictures.

(Seeing this really makes me want to finally paint this room!) I also printed some of the flower photos I took in England for our small bathroom.

(Frames coming soon!) So how do you decide what to hang on your walls? I don't like bare walls but just can't figure out what I'm looking for!