Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finish What You Have

Vicki over at Turkey Feathers has declared June Finish What You Have month. What a wonderful idea! I failed pretty miserably at Use What You Have month, so maybe I'll do better at this one...

For motivation, here are a few of the things I really want to finish:

I've had this fabric for months, and I've wanted to make a super simple summer skirt... Just some seams, a hem, and elastic.

When she went to Alexandria, VA, in March, my mom got me this great box kit with beautiful paper and bookbinding at Paper Source. I really want to make it up to store little things in my craft nook!

I absolutely love all of Jess Hutch's softie designs, and I have her pattern book, but first I want to try out her kitty from knitty. I even have the yarn!

(I somehow doubt I'll be able to finish that in a month, but it will be fun to get started.)

I have more pictures, but I'm starting to get overwhelmed... Especially when I have two baby presents to whip up for a June 24th shower (materials on hand, just need to sew) and another shower sometime soon after that (I think I'll finish the yellow version of this blanket that's half done already)...

Wish me luck!!