Sunday, April 24, 2005

Got Fabric?

I found this great fabric store online, I ordered a bunch of half yards to use as purse linings. I also got some adorable flannel to make a satin-edged flannel blankie for my cousin's baby. Yep, I'm giving up on the knitting. I'm just burned out after speed-knitting the green baby blanket. I think the flannel one will be appreciated just as much, I hope.

Here is what I ordered:

The gingham and puppy flannel is going to become the blankie. It's so cute that it deserves a close-up:

In an hour or so I'm going to head to the fabric store to get the satin binding for the blankie, try yet again to find 1 1/2" D-rings to make my ribbon belt, and look at fabric for the two totes on the drawing table. And I have something to look forward to in the mail!