Saturday, March 05, 2005


So I had a request for a picture of me holding the blanket. This is an awful picture - it's at night, I had to use the timer, the lighting is horrible, and it came out blurry. But the blanket still looks awesome!

The weird thing at the bottom of the blanket is the tag I made - I'd already pinned it on when I remembered I wanted to take a picture. Here's the front of the tag:

And I put washing instructions on the back, since I went to a lot of trouble making sure the blanket would be machine washable!

Finally, I made a card to go with the blanket - I couldn't just buy a card, after everything else was homemade!! It's really simple --

And on the inside I just stamped "Congrats!" So, other than posting a picture of the wrapped package (I got really cute pink and blue gingham wrapping paper at Target - and I'm not really going to post a picture!), that's everything that's going to the shower tomorrow!!