Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Keep Me Away from Fabric Stores

Peter is on our church council now, and while he was in his meeting last week I decided to pass time by browsing at Hancock fabrics. Usually I don't find too much there, but I needed fabric for my sister's purse and it's a lot closer to church than Hobby Lobby... Well, they have a new manager! Who wants to update the fabric they carry! So they were totally marking down a ton of their quilting fabric. I went a little crazy. Here's half of what I got:

The green and silver fabric has already shown up as my sister's purse, but I have a lot leftover so I'll have to think of something else fun to use it for. All the other fabric in this picture was only $1.25/yard!!

Most of this fabric was on sale too, except for the Hello Kitty and the green polka dots... but I just couldn't resist! Most of these will probably show up as linings for bags, which means they also may end up for sale on eBay or something because I can only use so many bags!! We'll see... First I have to finish that speed-knitting baby blanket!!