Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ginger Bliss

I finally got some half decent pictures of the bags I made this weekend using the Ginger Bliss fabric Katy got me for my birthday. The tote is probably my favorite bag I've made so far! I'll bring it to Virginia so you can see it in person, Katy.

First, a little tote bag I made:


I used to keep my knitting projects in small paper handle bags, but the cats liked to dive into the bag and I was worried about my projects. So I made this bag, and I'll probably make one more since I usually have two projects going at the same time.

Now for the tote bag... I made this out of an old pair of khaki pants I don't wear anymore, and two fat quarters of ginger bliss.

Here is the outside of the tote where you can see the stripe I put on the outside (there's a matching one on the other side):

Here you can see the straps. The outside is khaki, but the underside is lined with matching fabric:

Finally, here is the inside of the bag. There are two pockets on one side and one on the end. Right now I'm using this bag as a purse, since I love it so much!

Other than making another drawstring bag, I don't have any other plans for the Ginger Bliss... I love it so much, I have to think of something worthy!

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