Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Finally, I had a chance to take some pictures! This post will have a lot, so bear with me!!

First, here is some new yarn I got...

This is for Karen's scarf. The pattern is here. It's really more of a celery in real life, but it doesn't photograph very well.

This is for Kristen's scarf. The pattern is here. I think it will be really pretty.

Now some works in progress...

This pink scarf was supposed to be for Jenn, but it's much brighter pink than I thought. So I might make this for Lauren and give the turquoise scarf to Jenn. It is going so fast! The pattern is a ladder pattern, which you can kind of see in this close up shot:

Now for something Mom can't see. Don't click if you want your Christmas present to be a surprise, Mom!! For more pictures, click here.

Finally, some pictures of our house... I finally got the wreath I wanted for above the mantel! I added some fall colored candles, but I will replace them with more red candles after Christmas. I have better pillar holders coming, but they're on backorder from Target and should be here the first week of December.

The mantel:

The wreath closer:

And even closer:

I have big plans for this weekend, so hopefully I'll have even more pictures to post!!

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