Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Stash

Edit: So I can send Mom the link to this website, I'm changing this to a link. Mom, if you don't want to know what you're getting for Christmas, don't click this link!! Katy, you can see what I'm doing for Mom here.

This yarn is for a scarf for ME! I couldn't resist. It's GGH Esprit (the solid) and Crystal Palace Squiggle. It's going to look a little like this. I want to have it done by Thanksgiving, so I can take it to Virginia.


Now, some stuff I got for my birthday! Yay!! This is a set of Amy Butler's Ginger Bliss Fabric, 20 fat quarters from the Fat Quarter Shop! I love how it came all tied in a pretty ribbon. I have a couple projects in mind already. I can't wait to get started on those, too! So many projects!!