Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bonus Burpies

I had a little extra fabric from the hex quilt so in the interest of not increasing my scrap piles, I made a few burp rags to go along with the quilt. I used a method even simpler than my burprag tutorial.

I had 6" strips of the fabric left so I just cut them down to 14.5" wide. I pressed over both long edges and one short edge a generous 1/4". Then I laid the fabric right side down across one end of the burp rag and ironed over the last short edge so it was the right width for the rag. Or I ironed in a generous 1/4", whichever was the greater amount. (I hope that makes sense.)

Then I flipped the fabric over, wrong side down, and pressed and pinned it across the end of the rag. I did a simple straight stitch close to the edge with white thread in my bobbin and, in this case, blue thread in my needle. Voila! Embellished burp rags! I did all six in less than 30 minutes, I think. And I might like the result even better than doing it my old way!

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