Sunday, November 01, 2009

Only a Quilter...

I think I can truly call myself a quilter now. Who else would get this excited about a new iron? I'd been using my ~$20 iron from college until now, but I finally had to replace it. It had developed a crack by the handle that released hot steam right onto my knuckles, not good. I love my new iron.

It even has a digital display, so fancy!

Monthly Goals
I can't believe it's November! I seem to be consistently ambitious with what I think I'll get done each month and I don't think I've done any better with my November goals...
1. Finish Rainbow Sherbet Quilt.
2. Finish circle crib quilt.
3. Bind Red Barn quilt when it comes back from the quilters.
4. Do prep work for my Christmas gift project.

October Goals:
1. Finish Gma's handbag.
2. Bind and label QBB quilts.
3. Finish Rainbow Sherbet quilt - top, quilting, binding, the works!
4. Finish Red Barn quilt top.

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