Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't Focus

I know this site has been lacking craft content lately and for that I am sorry! The problem is that I can't focus. I have so many proverbial pots on the burners! I'm going to take a cue from AmandaJean and share my current Top 5:

1. Three zipper pouches for a coworker's custom order.

2. Trying to remember how to knit for an ambitious Christmas gift.

3. Embroidered flour sack towels, also for a Christmas gift. This site has some great patterns.

4. Getting started on a tote for a friend's custom order.

5. Last, and least fun if not least important, I need to fix up my kitchen. It is a collecting ground for all things miscellaneous. I think I'll motivate myself by making a little keyrack like this one.

It really helps to think this all through. What's your current top five?

(Yes, I know, first no craft content and now no pictures. Darn fall! There's never daylight when I'm home to take photos. Maybe I should add a light box to my list for night time photography.)