Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All Owls, All Etsy

My sister knows me so well. We both have an obessive love of Etsy and are constantly sharing favorites with each other, and she has long known of my love for owls.

So for my birthday she got me an all Etsy, all owl present! The adorable stamp above is from The Mayberry Sparrow. These awesome earrings are from Heatherly Designs:

I got a print from Berkley Illustration, too.

Even the card has an owl on it and is from e.soule.

And probably my favorite, from a shop I had managed not to stumble across on my own, this completely fabulous stuffed owl made from upcycled clothes from squishyfish.

Thanks, Katy! I love everything!!

52 Nights Update - Night 32 - Last night was quite busy! Sweet Addie had to go in for her shots (she has doubled in weight since we got her! You can't say we don't feed our animals well), and we had a woefully neglected yard to take care of. I used my birthday as an excuse to skip all my chores this weekend, so there was some catching up to do there, too. I was never even tempted to come to the computer!

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