Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like a Bird

I had the chance Sunday to go on a glider ride with the Greater Houston Soaring Association and if you ever have the chance to do this, I highly recommend it!


The plane is so small! Once you're up in the air, you just float. Well, glide. You have no engine, so you soar from one thermal to another, climb, glide, repeat.

Texas Farmland

We would look for a bird riding a thermal and turn that direction, or get under a cloud where the air is usually warmer.

Sharing the thermal.

It really didn't feel like flying a plane, you didn't power up the engines and force yourself where you wanted to go. The strength of the thermals, to so easily lift our 1000 pounds, was so impressive. What an experience!

52 Nights Update - Night 34 - I finally feel back on track. Last night I planned some projects, caught up on chores, made dinner, and went to yoga. I did use the computer for editing pictures, but I count that as productive! Craft content coming soon, I promise.

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