Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Making Progress

I have been very slow to decorate our house. I just can't make myself do it all at once, I have to wait until I happen to see something I absolutely love. When we bought our couches they came with pillows I wasn't too fond of:

There's nothing wrong with them, just colorless, and I knew all along I wanted to remake them. So when I saw some gorgeous placemats at Pier One I knew they should be my new pillows!

I had to chop them up to get them the right shape, so I "embellished" the pillows with some contrasting grosgrain ribbon to cover the seam.

I reused the fabric from the back of the original pillows since it matches the couches.

I also reused the stuffing from the original pillow, making a pillow form out of an old sheet. And since I made these as covers for the form, I can take them off and wash them if they get too icky. It's nice to have a house project checked off my list and to have a new spot of color in our living room!