Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Drawing Pouch

As soon as I signed up to take a drawing class and saw the wonderful list of required supplies - pencils, Prismacolors, blending stumps, erasers, pencil sharpeners! - I wanted to make a pencil pouch. I procrastinated and made due with what I had, and I think it was meant to be! When I saw the abundance of beautiful fabric in the gift from my parents, I immediately pictured the perfect pencil pouch.

I wasn't going to line it with Amy Butler since I am already hoarding it, but the combination was too good to pass up:

I am keeping all my pencils in the white box they wrapped them in at Texas Art Supply - I tell myself it's because I don't want the points to break, but we all know it's because I don't want to get lead inside my new pouch!