Thursday, August 11, 2005


I find so much inspiration among fellow bloggers... Like over at SouleMama I saw these wonderful cards. They reminded me of the mini quilts I made a while ago, but I hadn't thought about making cards. I also love the fabric postcards made by Gerrie. So here is my interpretation!!

This pink card is going to be for Lauren, my best friend from high school. She is getting married in September and we're having a lingerie shower for her Saturday. (The shower I got to plan in three days! Everything is fine with that now, by the way!!) The gift I got her is pink, so I thought a pink card would be appropriate.

This card is for Lauren's sister, who had a miscarriage last week. She was 25 weeks pregnant. I feel absolutely heartbroken for their family. Add to that their mother went into the hospital Tuesday and they don't know what's wrong, and that family has more than their share of troubles. I'm sending all my spare positive energy their way.