Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I have been in training all week, which totally fries my brain. We're also in the middle of painting the living room, so I haven't had much to post. Today was my last day of class, and it was pretty slow, so I ended up doodling quite a bit. I was motivated by my new plan to take "You, Too, Can Draw!", a continuing ed course at Rice. It's totally for beginners (the first class is "How to Hold a Pencil"!), so I think it will be perfect. Anyway, since I haven't done anything else recently and I think these little doodles are cute, I thought I'd share!



Also, since Heather doesn't have comments on her site, I have to say here how much I love this post. I love all of Heather's monthly newsletters, but this one seemed especially touching. Go! Read!!