Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Good Mail Day

I've been having a kind of stressful week for various reasons (one of which is getting to plan an entire bridal shower in three days... this is why I prefer to do things myself!), and I was a little frazzled when I got home today. I was relaxing, doing things like trying on the results of a little retail therapy, when I suddenly noticed a package on the kitchen counter! No, wait, TWO packages!! For me!! I totally did a little happy dance. One of the packages was from Laurie at Liquid Paper. I have really been looking forward to this, so I had to document the whole process!

Peter thought I was nuts, taking all these pictures. Isn't the packaging cute?

Look at all that awesome stuff! Here's a better view after I unwrapped it all:

These are the pins she made me using pictures of my animals. I also got a bonus - one of the ninjas I've been coveting, a sweet bird, and a mod dot!

Thanks so much Laurie!!

And though it was totally anti-climatic after Laurie's awesome package, I also finally got some beads I bought on eBay.

Large chalcedony pendant beads, about 1.5" long! I can't wait to use these in a necklace.