Friday, July 22, 2005

Favorite Bag

It takes me entirely too long to make things like this (it's all I worked on pretty much all day one Saturday), but at least I am incredibly happy with how this came out. I actually made it a while ago, but it was in the mail to my sister and I wanted her to get it before I posted this. Doesn't she get all the good stuff?

One of the coolest things about this bag is I managed to put in a zipper closure!! So if she wants to use this as a carry-on, things won't fall out under the seat or going along the XRay machine. Since she's going to be traveling a lot with her new job I thought that might be a good feature.

I lined the inside with fabric to match the outside, plus one side of Amy Butler for a little color. There are two inside pockets to hold small stuff, and plenty of room for carry-on necessities.

Since it would be easy to lose a cell phone in that big bag, I made this little cell phone holder that can be looped around the strap of the bag and hung inside the bag, or just used to find your cell phone faster. The picture is a little over-exposed, but that button is one of the beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons Hillary sent with our fabric swap a while back.

Finally, to show the size, here I am modeling. The bag is plenty big for books and knitting projects, and I sized the outside pocket to hold a magazine for quick access.

Overall, I am so pleased with this bag. And since his past comments about things have been less than enthusiastic, I wanted to mention that Peter saw this and said "wow, that's awesome!" Since he's my only human critic in the house, that was fun to hear!

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