Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Furniture!!

We had a little adventure in furniture buying this weekend! We went "just to look" and I ended up falling in love with an oversized set of living room furniture. "Oversized" turned out to be the key word. It did not look like normal furniture once we got it into our living room.

It's hard to capture on film. In the above photo, I'm sitting on the loveseat. Not the couch, the loveseat. Which is just about the size of our old couch. This comes the closest to describing how I felt:

Luckily, we were able to exchange it for something very similar, but a much more normal size. I am pleased to present, our new living room!!

These will also serve as "before" pictures, since I have grand plans to bring A LOT more color into this room. Just wait! I think I'll actually paint on Saturday, which will help a lot with all the tan.

And just to prove this set is a more normal size, here is Peter modelling our new couch.

I'm off to cuddle up with the model!