Friday, July 15, 2005

Baby Blanket Machine

My sister commissioned two flannel baby blankets like the one I made for my new cousin. I had just picked up some flannel at the fabric store that I absolutely loved and had to use. Since the blankets are for her neighbors' new twins, I made the binding different colors.

These came out a lot better sewn than my last attempt - using the zig zag stitch definitely made a huge difference! There is still room for improvement, and since I want to make a third blanket by the weekend for an ex-co-worker's new baby, I'll get the practice!

The weather here is so crummy, though I do love thunderstorms. I just wish I could stay home and cuddle up with my babies and some tea, and not have to go into work! It's the going-out-in-bad-weather that's not so fun. Well, at least knowing Houston, it will pass over before too long! And our lawn needs the rain...