Saturday, June 04, 2005

Peaches and Mustard

I had an urge to sew something frivolous (the valances are still not hemmed, and I'm tired of sewing straight lines!) so I made this quick zipper pouch:

I made it a little roomier than other ones I've made, and my sewing has improved a lot on this type of thing. I also did a little machine applique on it with one of the scraps just to see how it worked. Here's the inside:

I've already loaded it up with all the small stuff from my purse... Now when I have my big purse, I can just toss in the pouch, but when I have a small purse, I can toss the pouch in the car and still have all that stuff along. Yay!

And yes, I am posting before 7am on Saturday - Peter and I are heading out to go golfing!! I've never really golfed before, but one of the people we're going with hasn't either, so we can learn together. Wish me luck!!

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