Friday, June 03, 2005

All the way from New Zealand!

My in-laws just got back from New Zealand, and as a thank you for dog-sitting (their dog lived with us for three weeks!), I got a great souvenir! First is this awesome hand-made hematite & silver necklace from the oldest village on Fiji:

Totally appropriate since I've been so into jewelry-making lately! Sorry for the ugly background - that's actually what color my ironing board is! One of these days I'll pick up a cute cover for it at Target or something. Here's a closeup to see the cool hematite beads.

And they also brought this beautiful yarn from Touch Yarns in New Zealand:

I need to figure out if I can use it to make the awesome Knitty Lace Scarf. I think the yarn might be too thick, but if that pattern doesn't work I'll figure something else out! It was so sweet of them to bring me a gift...