Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Quite a dry spell I'm coming out of here... I have been working on the baby blanket and making good progress (I need to update my status bar!), and I tried a new purse design that came out so horribly I think I might actually throw it away. So to get out of my sewing rut, I made another zipper clutch because I thought I could do a better job than on the black one in my last post. That one looks good in the picture, but the zipper is actually kind of crooked and I don't like the wide ribbon. So here is the new and improved version:

And here is the inside:

I made this one from an old pair of pants that don't fit anymore, and a very small amount of my Ginger Bliss fabric - I'm totally hoarding that stuff. I love this! The thinner ribbon in a bow for a wrist strap makes a big difference too. Now back to knitting for a while!

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