Friday, April 09, 2010

A Bit Belated

On our ski trip last week we were lucky enough to get to celebrate our niece and nephew's 11th birthday with them! To save on luggage room I didn't bring their gifts along, so they are going to be a bit belated. I got an adorable cross-stitch kit for my niece (this one) because she loves crafting, and made these little covered button hair accessories. The purple pair are hairbands and the little flowers are bobby pins. These were so fun and quick to make up! Definitely more of these in my future.

Also a bit belated, my goals for April:
1. Stroller blankie for a new little girl.
2. Finish binding Red Barn quilt and clean up guest room. (March fail!)
3. Wedding embroidery for some friends that got married in March.
4. Artwork for above Ben's changing table.

Considering how crummy I did on my March goals these might be extra ambitious!!

March Goals:
1. Buttons for swap - finished and mailed on time!
2. Finish circle quilt top.
3. Bind Red Barn quilt. About half done with hand-sewing.
4. Pick up guest room enough to make the bed! Not done!!

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