Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fair Weather Fan

I woke up this morning to temps under 70F. What a treat. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 60! I always look forward that first cool evening of the fall after our hot summers. How lucky that it has come so early this year!

Thank you all SO much for the comments on the quilt and my anniversary. It was so hard to put that quilt in the mail! And I am really looking forward to the next year, I hope you all stay to share it with me.

52 Nights Update - Night 30 - In addition to making the tag for the quilt (which I forgot to photograph, dang it!), I popped over to the gym for yoga only to find no one else there - the instructor had canceled the class with the regulars but not bothered to notify the gym. And I was so proud for getting over there for the first time in weeks! Maybe next time...

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