Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Watch it Shrink!

I finally tried playing with shrinky dinks. There have been some amazing shrink plastic pins here and here and so many more that I can't find right now. Since I've never played with free-form shrink plastic, I decided to try something a little larger just to play. Here are my shapes before decorating:

The package said I could use acrylic paint, which I had already, so I painted them up:

They didn't shrink so well. They're mostly all curled, and despite leaving them in the oven like the directions said, they never flattened out on their own.

The flower is especially bad.

And as Peter pointed out, paint doesn't shrink, so some of them ended up with interesting effects:

But a couple of them did turn out neat, if slightly curly:

All of these only used one of the many sheets that came in the pack, so I get to try again. I think next time I'll use colored pencils instead of paint!!