Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Before & After

I have discovered a wonderful motivational tool - before and after photos! I present to you, a photo essay of my crafting areas...

First, evidence that my actual craft area has become so messy that I have overflowed into the kitchen:

Truthfully, I do usually sew at the kitchen table since then I don't feel tucked away from the rest of the house, but my stuff has been set up there way too long because I don't have anywhere to put it away. Here is why:

Considering in addition to one secret weapon (my shelves) I also have a wonderful closet to store things in, I have no excuse for such a mess. So I spent a surprisingly short amount of time actually putting things away, and I now have this gorgeous space for crafting:

As if I didn't have enough "plans" I have some great ideas for things to hang on the walls in there to inspire me to be crafty. One of these days!!

There is no "after" pic for the kitchen table because I do still have more fabric to cut tonight, and that table is the only one big enough to fit my cutting mat. But at least now I actually have somewhere to put it away when I'm done!

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